Looking at the world with a curiosity of a child…

On Saturday a seven-year-old boy Alexander gave me a guided tour of his remarkable garden – it was a plot with vegetables, berries, and flowers. Alexander not just showed around, he kept asking me to guess what was this or that… explaining when different fruits will ripe. “These apples will be ready in August, not before”. His delight about the process was so joyful, his eyes were sparkling when he showed me pink and blue flowers… his favourite ones – “I like flowers more than anything in the world…” then added “Mum and dad first, and then flowers”
Little Alexander jumped with joy when telling me about his berries – strawberries, red currants, and blackberries. I guess I jumped a little too… who would not around strawberries?!

Once upon a time, we all had this amazing curiosity and ability to see wonders around us easily. If you are still on the same wavelength, you keep enriching your world and finding beauty around yourself constantly.

How curious are you these days?
What fills your heart with joy?
What beautiful things stop you on your track?

Surprise yourself with some discoveries and see if it makes your day more enjoyable.

You are:

  • more present when you are curious
  • more appreciative
  • awake
  • attentive
  • open
  • practically in love with life


Be unstoppable with your curiosity and discoveries!

By noticing wonders and beauty,  you create your own reality, enhancing your inner world and removing all negative aspects. Be creator – the magic in actions.