You’ve guessed it right, I am talking about the end of the year. Not generally but from the position of Conqueror!

You are the Ruler of your life and you had the year, nearly finished, with all your successes and possibly some failures… to be realistic…

What did go so well that you would like to repeat the experience? Remember the fears and doubts… somebody else’s unhelpful opinion or maybe even your own inner voice. You decided to go ahead in spite…

When were you the proudest of yourself after you’ve overcome certain difficulties or struggles?

Who are the people or one person who helped you on the way? Or just your own strengths and determination?

This conversation is about your achievements and at the same time you’ll gain the evidence-based information about yourself and your mental toughness.

What else? By thinking and analysing your own successes you’ll be able to develop a strategy for your future triumph.