Why is now the time to take actions?

You have just finished the festive season and beaming with happy memories and intentions to implement your New Year’s Resolutions. You see why now is the best time to take actions.

Who could you be with your Coach? 

You feel you want a change, because you are dissatisfied with your current situation. You face challenges and hungry for actions.

Decide who you will become and how you will live. We will work together to empower you and make it happen.

Your successes are important to me. Your coach is your Thinking Partner, we are the team together.

Together with my clients, we went through their challenging times achieving remarkable results:

  • – working with people, who went through career development: changing professions, boosting confidence for massive promotion, improving communication;
  • – people going through life changes: moving from one country to another; experiencing personal breaks and reestablishing themselves;
  • – people who developed a new business for an idea, and those who made a progress to another level.


It is all about your identity, your personal strengths, skills, talents and your potential! We work together. 

Why is this important to you? 

With support and encouragement from your coach, you will be more determined to fulfil your resolutions. You will find more ways to go forward with the strategy which will cover many dimensions of your life. If you slip, you will not give up – you will achieve the desired outcomes in spite of the setbacks. We will develop your personal strategy to keep you motivated and progress.

What outcomes will you receive? 

The amazing fact that you might exceed your expectation having a coach on your side. Your goals will be aligned with your values, in such a way you will feel more motivated plus accountability will make the journey more exciting!

“Coaching with Marina enabled me to accelerate the resolution of some difficult issues at work; stretching and supporting me to consider perspectives and take actions that I might not normally have taken” – Gill T, Senior Manager, Sheffield.


Why me as your Coach? 

I believe in the power of actions and very passionate about my clients’ successes. I can help you discover your inner brilliance.

My niche in coaching is the identity coaching, when you thrive in challenging circumstances and succeed.

What next? What is the one thing you need to do next? 

What can be different for you this year? Make 2018 the Year of your success.

Working with your Thinking Partner – Your Coach is a sure way to stay on the track and achieve your goals.

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