2016 – We are already comfortable with the number 2016 and living in this year for a couple of weeks, creating our own history.

History is quite a grand notion.

By Oxford dictionary definition “History” is the study of the past events, particularly in human affairs.

We do witness the history of Empires, countries, cities and individuals. What happens now – soon will be yesterday news or marked in the history.

I was born in the Soviet Union, the country which does not exist anymore, linkbut Russia does. Obviously Russian Federation today is different from pre-revolutionary state in 1917. The history is quite fascinating, when Bolsheviks were trying to destroy everything from the past to build totally new way of life. The aim was to create on the new foundation, destroying – culture, palaces, some values, religion – a lot. Then it took some time to build it back.  Now it is normal to watch the leaders of the country celebrating Christmas – religious festivity, which would never happen in the Soviet Union, where the State and the Church were separated. All these crucial changes happen very fast from historical point of view, with values being either changed or adjusted.

What about the history of each person in the grand scheme of things?

How much do we pay attention at each period of our lives? How philosophical are we? What if it is now or never?

We have already arrived where we are now… plenty to be proud about … we learn, we adjust, we let go, we keep going – we are getting wiser! It is a flow of life… divided by years, months etc…

You are experienced in many things and you know better what is right for your life. We are better off when we are true to ourselves, when we do things in the love mode, when we are madly passionate about the subject.

I offer you to spend a few minutes of your day in luxurious thoughts about your life, being philosophical and honest with yourself.

Why not to create a year 2016 to remember, to make it outstanding, to make it of historical importance for you?

The starting point will be to fill it with your favourite bits… only with the things, people, activities you love, which gives you buzz, makes your heart smile or jump, whatever works for you.

If you are in business why are you doing it? Is your intention to provide for your existence? I doubt it… When you are going through that everyday routine what drives you? What is that inner fire which drives you through ups and downs?

What about people who make you smile? Is it enough to add this exquisite touch to your day?

All I would like to tell you today – make your life enjoyable – do the things you love… in work, in relationship, in everything… Make it count, make the year 2016 one of your happiest memories. All is in your hands.

And if you don’t like something – drop it! Clear it! Change it!

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