Wellbeing Day in the Industrial World.

12th Oct 2017 Comments Off on Wellbeing Day in the Industrial World.

I was invited to deliver a full day of the one-hour workshops on well-being and stress management at a chemical company, based in Wrexham. Developing resilience and combating stress in one hour, how does it sound?  The solution is to […]

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Is Your Business Affected by Absenteeism?

22nd Aug 2017 Comments Off on Is Your Business Affected by Absenteeism?

  If customers called or visited your business and nobody responded, how much would you lose? The total number of cases of work related stress and depression in 2015/2016 was 488,000 cases, a prevalence rate of 1,510 per 100,000 workers […]

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Resilience Skills for Holidays and Business

21st Jun 2017 Comments Off on Resilience Skills for Holidays and Business

Do you actually need any resilience skills for a holiday?  Are they transferable to business? This time of year, people are either thinking of holidays, going on holidays, or coming back from holidays. You never know who is out of  tune with […]

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Oh Those Russians…

10th Dec 2016 Comments Off on Oh Those Russians…

When I received a request from the WCNW Chamber of Commerce to give a talk at the International Trade Forum, I was delighted – the suggested topic was about Russia, culture, traditions. Obviously my talk was from a coaching point of view! […]

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The Courage to Think and to Act.

28th Nov 2016 Comments Off on The Courage to Think and to Act.

      A while ago, I had a conversation with Father Deiniol, The Very Reverend Archimandrite, Wales Orthodox Mission, an incredible character and courageous person. The discussion was moving in the philosophical realms, covering different countries with amazing cultures, beliefs […]

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Heart Beating for Performance

21st Aug 2016 Comments Off on Heart Beating for Performance

I wonder what do you think and feel while watching the Olympic Games? As a Russian Briton, it’s tough for me to watch the Olympic Games since I want to support both sides, especially the Russians after all of the […]

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Slimmer By Thinking

24th Jul 2016 Comments Off on Slimmer By Thinking

Most of us like summer and we all want to be in our best shape for this season – for our holidays, for summer activities or just for the pleasure of it. Summer is the best time to be beautiful […]

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It’s All About You!

14th Jun 2016 Comments Off on It’s All About You!

Kogan Coaching opened the summer with the event “It’s All About You”, which took place in the picturesque surroundings of Caer Rhun Hall, Conwy. We need to be in a special state of mind to ask ourselves  philosophical questions about […]

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Stiff Upper Lip – The Russian Way

8th Feb 2016 Comments Off on Stiff Upper Lip – The Russian Way

I remember when my young daughter read Russian literature by Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, or watched movies – similar theme “Solaris” for instance, produced by Russians and Americans, she draw the conclusion – Nobody suffers like Russians suffer. It was quite an […]

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Discipline versus Motivation

2nd Feb 2016 Comments Off on Discipline versus Motivation

The common nominator for discipline and motivation is moving towards a particular action. Motivation is the tool that inspires you, helps you to create a bigger picture – to write a book, to develop a business, to win competitions… to […]

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