Check-up list – Young or Old?

1. What is your outlook on the world: 

A. Seen it all, done it all.

B. There are discoveries to be made.

2. How do you tend to spend money? 

A. I can live without spending on new experiences – no point.

B. I’ll enjoy this adventure  (I might spend less on food 🙂 )

3. How do you tend to plan? 

A. It will never happen. How can I possibly do it?

B. I’ll definitely do it. I’ll find the way.


Three Bs  – you are fabulously young. Enjoy your journey!

Three As – get a grip! Find your mojo. There is still time to laugh and rock!

We are supposed to gain experience when we are moving, going or galloping through life… and people talk about time and age.

Interesting how the topic of age is coming up from different angles. For some people, it is connected with look and appearance – figure, wrinkles, gone years…

Luckily for others it is not. Quite often age is shown by behaviour. Instead of doing more – finding more experiences, people are becoming more reserved – as if conserving their own energy. Subconsciously, they feel they don’t have much energy and they don’t really need more.

The same with spending money. They feel their earning capacity has gone or not as it used to be, so a rainy day is around the corner. Hence, conserve the spending, be tight.

Those are not generalizations, just explanations of the points at the check-up list.

Being ageless comes with confidence as well. There are ways to help yourself and learn tools on how to improve your own confidence or help people who are dear to you.

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