According to the business dictionary – “A leader is the one in charge, the person who convinces other people to follow. A great leader inspires confidence in other people and moves them to actions.”

No single leader can meet all the demands placed on them and there is growing recognition of the need for highly effective leadership teams. Michaelangelo’s highly effective team of 16 people worked together to paint the Sistine Chapel. Knowing, admiring and appreciating that extraordinary masterpiece we can say with certainty it was the work of a genius and highly effective team.

The major leadership challenges lie in the connections between team members.

To develop and cement the team’s connections a Coaching Circle is the innovative tool for leadership in the modern world.

A Coaching Circle expands the scope of team coaching and embraces a systematic perspective that recognizes the team’s ability to implement changes and radically improve performance.

Working within a Coaching Circle it is a combined effort from all members to create an atmosphere where each member of the team is engaged, everyone’s voice is heard, hence the team organically develops integrity and building trust.

Working in a Coaching Circle we are co-creating – the team members collectively work to co-create generative thinking and actions greater than the sum of their individual efforts. As a result, we form a strong shared responsibility, where everybody feels a part of the leading team, knowing their thinking and decisions were part of the developed strategy.

The whole process of working in a Coaching Circle allows the members to achieve this level of high performance, staying resilient in any demanding situation.

In a Coaching Circle, we address personal values of each member and even create team values together. This particular aspect makes each team member become committed to each other’s growth and success, which in turn generate a high level of enthusiasm and energy.

To move to the level of high performance, to stay there and celebrate the journey, each member is bound to be engaged in every part of the team strategy and share the ownership.

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