There are moments in our life when we would like to boost our confidence…different reasons, you know yours.

Before we address any other issues pay attention at your posture. Your physical state sends signals to your mind – straight back, head up… You often can guess how the person feels just by looking at his posture.

Now next stage…What about your self talk? First of all please notice the language you use, the vocabulary.
If you tend to speak in absolutes, stop. The world is not black and white, so generalizations don’t help.

Phase out phrases like “I have no choice…” and “I can’t…” You can replace them with, “I choose not to…”, or “I don’t like my choices, but I will…” Realising and acknowledging that you always have a choice (even if the choices are not ideal) can help you to change your situation, or accept it more easily if it really is the best of all available options.

There are more methods to build balanced self – confidence, founded on a firm appreciation of reality, but it is not 5 minutes solution. The good news is that building self-confidence is ready achievable, just as long as you have focus and determination to carry things through.