Kogan Coaching opened the summer with the event “It’s All About You”, which took place in the picturesque surroundings of Caer Rhun Hall, Conwy.

We need to be in a special state of mind to ask ourselves  philosophical questions about the meaning of life, about the way our own life is unfolding and what makes us happy. That was the intention for organising this event.

Live baritone performance at the start of the evening by Todd Warden – Owen set the mood and added that poetic touch to be in the reflective mode. The guests were introduced to each other and had a chance to observe surroundings while enjoying their beverages. In the middle of the North Wales we had International gathering – Welsh, English, Russian, Bulgarian – enjoying each other’s company.

After the introduction from my dear friend Teresa Carnall, who is a delightful proof of a passionate businesswoman living true to her values, I started my coaching presentation. Being relaxed, happy and in the comfortable supportive environment every person in the room was able to appreciate with more clarity and facts their own unique value, my dear quests proudly talked about their successes and victories. The amazing energy, which delegates recharged each other, infused into the conversation about their passions, about the priorities in life and their powerful minds which could make us beautiful, ageless and healthy. Using the facts based on the scientific research I shared with the participants the notion how the quality of our thinking affected our health, how we could boost immunity, lower blood pressure, improve memory… and how to add “Wow! You are hot factor!” for a good measure.

During the evening interesting stories were coming up. Beverley Todd Warden-Owen shared her amazing life journey to “Conwy Pearls” and it was a chance to enjoy her intricate jewellery. There is always something personal in the jewellery piece when you know the person, the adventure and see the kindness and smile of the lady behind those pearls.

To offer the experience of some flavours and aromas Nina Sardar participated in the role of the cosmetic company ambassador. With her skills and gentle touches she demonstrated the effectiveness of the Tropic Skincare range.

The tools and strategies for inner beauty were practised and taken into account for future. We found how passionate state of mind could do wonders in our lives and demonstrated that. For extra enjoyment the resources to enhance the outer beauty were there to play with.

It was rewarding to receive feedback from our guests:

“Reaĺly great night. Very inspirational evening. Its so emotionally and physically challenging in our hectic daily lives and so VERY important to take a pause and enjoy being you and basking in the positive love in our lives. It’s so important being a positive person (glass half full ) as life can throw anything and we choose how to react.” – Owain Williams, Business Manager at NatWest


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