A job interview could be a daunting experience and I am sure you want to know what selection principles companies are using.

Your mental state and your performance during a job interview are all part of the game. What is quite challenging is to understand what’s behind the questions the people ask you during a job interview and how to answer them in the best way.

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. If you want to land a great job in the high-performing team take those principles into consideration.

The following Key Selection Principles are offered by Peter Hawkins.

  1. Select for values, not just skills;
  2. Recruit team players who are committed to the purpose of the whole team, not just their own function;
  3. Recruit for requisite diversity in: identity (gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, etc), cognitive thinking, personality type and team style, and systematic position;
  4. Choose people who can work well in team;
  5. Avoid ‘derailers’ and narcissists.

They could be your guidelines to prepare for the interview. Let’s uncover what is behind those key principles and what would be your answer.

  1. You have put all your skills on CV, hence the reason you are invited for the interview. You could be asked – ‘What three words would you use to describe your values?‘ Values are an essential part of who you are. The interviewers want to know what kind of the person you are,  what is important for you. There are no right or wrong values, just think of your values beforehand. Read more about values here: Your Sacred Truth.
  2. When you are coming to discuss your position or role, it would be useful to find out the purpose of the whole team. Have a look at the photo with six planes, they all are flying in the same direction, knowing the purpose, communicating with each other. So your prior homework and research about your possible future employer are very important. The fact that you know more about the company will show how determined you are and that you have a bigger picture of the purpose of the team and your position in it.
  3. Diversity  Increasingly, our world is becoming more global and our workforce more diverse. Research shows, that having a workforce comprised of people with different backgrounds, experiences and skills means the ideas generated by these teams won’t be homogenous – they’ll be innovative and creative. You don’t know what personality type the interviewers are looking for, so the best type to show is your own type. Just remember –  present your best self and Be Yourself.
  4. People with the right attitude are working well in teams: your communication skills, willingness to support, your desire to learn and improve your skills for team’s benefits – are all indicators that you are a team player.
  5. Question: ‘Describe your biggest failure and what caused it?’ We all fail one time or another. It is of paramount importance to analyse our failures and learn from them. When you tell me about your failure during a job interview, as an interviewer I am going to pay attention at how you were part of the problem, what did you do wrong and what have you learnt from it. If a person blames other people or circumstances it is a sure way we are dealing with ‘derailer’.

To perform your best during a job interview it helps to know that a company wants to have a great employee and these questions are just for the one purpose – to know you better. Be yourself and good luck!

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