Creating every day…


Being alert

At the age of about 5, I witnessed a fire – a huge wooden house was burning and massive clouds of fire were ripped by wind and carried in the sky… those independently bright living fires floating above were more dangerous than the burning house because they could create the new disasters…

I remember thinking “what if this fire would fall on our house?!”

The vision of that evening was alive for so many years… I was always dressing up very fast thinking if it was a fire I should be ready to run out.

For me in that early age the concept of time was connected with fire.  How fast could you be ready just in case?

Time – speed – prepared.

Later I was intrigued how much people could do in one single day.

Sometimes one day can be as important as the whole epoch by significance of it – the birth of a child, by achievement – reaching the top of Snowdon for one or winning an important match for another. Those events are intertwined, creating patterns or shining triumphantly, being the vital elements of the whole life.

Remember the decision-making process, all the actions and preparations; with ups and downs… you are as a creator of your life – of every memorable event, of every significant achievement!

Every day we are going through this process again and again, creating our thoughts, feeling, emotions, actions.

How to make this creative desire urgent, to be alert to what you want in your life?

We live only once, no drafts… if you agree with that.

What would you like to do at least once in your life?

What was your cherished dream which is still on hold?

Your own achievements are the proof of how powerful you are with your decisions, that you can be a pilot in your life, and not a passenger.

The proverbial “time flies” can actually work for you if you are a pilot.