The festive season lasts for a while with our best intentions to keep those resolutions in tact… for about 2-3 weeks and then back to normal… no time, no motivation… low energy.
(The study proved that 71% of people surveyed followed their resolutions for the first two weeks)

Why don’t you do this time totally different?
Think about your previous successes, count on them.
Let’s store some mental energy to fulfil those New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s work together and support each other.
After all Life Coach is your thinking partner who accept your Map of World and help you to achieve desired outcome.
May 2016 be an amazing year with your fabulous energy to make it the way You like.

“Putting life into New Year’s Resolutions” workshop will recharge you and make you more powerful and resilient.

The benefits:
1. Revisit your New Year’s resolutions or elicit desirable changes.
2. Learning how to keep your motivation.
3. Mastering tools how re-energise and empower yourself.

logoYou can join the following workshops:

at Beehive, Chester on the 23 January at 12-14
Beehive Healthcare – 01244 915
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Glasdir Skills Academy, Llanrwst on the 27 January at 18 – 21
01492 640640
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