Do you actually need any resilience skills for a holiday?  Are they transferable to business?

This time of year, people are either thinking of holidays, going on holidays, or coming back from holidays. You never know who is out of  tune with their business surroundings since they’re planning their next escape instead of the next meeting.

A sure-fire way for people to adjust from one state to another is by using their own resilience skills and be the leader in their personal domain, inspiring others.

The “why” is quite straightforward – nobody wants their business to be interrupted because of a heat wave or holiday season. This presumably happy transition to holiday mode and back is still connected with some stress, adjusting, being productive, catching up on the piling workload and leading the team, business, or both.

If it is pressure, then right now I know which one I will choose … I will choose that empty suitcase and the joy (never agony) of deciding what to drop in there, starting with swimming stuff of course, and a few summery colourful items, never mind what they are. The road to the airport sounds perfect to me.

Once upon a time on the way to Gatwick, with two hours before our flight to Barbados, we were standing still in the traffic. Yes, you could see the road signs “Gatwick”, close enough to run to the airport but there was nothing we could do except sit and wait for it to (hopefully) move. I remember the shapes of clouds above our car! Luckily, my daughter was fast asleep at the back seat, while my husband and I running through a variety of thoughts.

We happened to be the last passengers to board that plane, but we WERE passengers – this cloud watching exercise worked, I guess.

That was the exciting beginning of that trip. We definitely got rid of all the stressful moments later with beach activities and plenty of swimming. What was quite unpleasant at the time on the road faded, and we could laugh about it.

Talking about that Barbados holiday, the only people with sad faces were those who were about to leave the island and come back home.

This is one small chapter from a wonderful life journey, which can be quite a roller coaster. Sometimes we are ready for those ups and downs and sometimes we just have to face them, using all the resilience we have.

It is important to master the ways to sustain resilience, even when you think it is a holiday from all your problems:

1.      Reframe.

You are not responsible for everything that happens. No Gatwick traffic ever again – lesson learnt. Certain things are outside of your control.

Now I prefer to stay o at an airport hotel the night before to avoid stress altogether. Negative experience has been reframed into useful lesson.

2.      Relationships.

Building enduring relationships is crucial for a leader, business owner and a family member on holiday.  It requires so many skills – to be a good listener, a good communicator, finding the best in your colleagues or partners, inspiring them. How do you support each other in the moment of crisis?

3.      Cultivating a positive outlook.

With the end of the holiday there are more exciting events ahead, depending how you view them. I can’t remember my plan B if we missed that flight, what I remember that happy mad run to the plane knowing we made it.

Thinking about my Gatwick chapter, did I practice any resilience, stuck in the traffic, with my family’s holiday being under question suddenly?

Reframing… Relationships… Positive outlook!

You bet!

And fresh from the holiday you can transfer the same resilience skills to your business.

Introducing those three methods will affect your normal day in the way that will be beneficial to you and people around.