Organisational Development Projects bring together startups and growth sector SME’s to develop business ideas, strategies, and action plans through peer-to-peer support sessions. These projects refine business goals to create bespoke strategies that take each business to the next level. Participants are given practical tools to boost their confidence and sustain resilience during all stages of their business’ development. This approach generates business ideas, encourages progress, and assures sustainability in the long term.


This programme is run jointly with Kogan Coaching and Integral Business Centre to support business owners and their businesses move to the Next Level. It begins with a 1-day workshop, which is followed by coaching sessions to support and track progress.

The initial workshop is delivered in 4 sections:

In the first session

you will examine the foundations of your business and use this to ensure that your product, marketing, and business activities all support your clients with a cohesive, easily understood message.

In the second session

you will learn a new coaching model, which you can apply to your business and personal goals. You will learn how to use practical steps within the model in a business environment to achieve your desired outcomes.

Sections within this session include:

  • An introduction to the Salutogenic Coaching Model (developed by Marina Kogan, Dee Gray, and Ambra Burls)
  • Theoretical explanations of the model
  • Practical implications of the model in the business environment
  • Collecting data on your GRR (Generalized Resistance Resources) in your business
  • Working through the components of the model towards a ‘Sense of Coherence’ to achieve your goals or desired outcomes


In the third session

you will be given tools that ensure you put your resources into activities which offer the maximum benefit to your business. You will be shown how to create an annual growth plan that is then broken down into quarterly and monthly tasks, all designed to ensure your business reaches the Next Level.

In the fourth session

and final session of the day you will learn how to master your thinking to be tougher mentally, to eliminate stress, and sustain your own wellbeing to be able to run your business successfully.

This final session includes

  • How to stay mentally tough and cope with the stress
  • Mastering your thinking – 6 perceptual errors which are causing stress
  • Tools and practical exercises to eliminate negative stress


Get in touch if you would like to create a plan to grow and develop your business in 2016 and the years to come.