Life Coach for Women

Working with a Life Coach is a powerful way to introduce desirable changes and move forward while enjoying your life.

Unconditional support is extremely valuable at every stage in your life and cannot be overestimated. Sometimes when a woman is not sure what path to take, she still does not want readymade or generic advice. She wants to explore – and even make mistakes – but ultimately find her own way.

That’s why a Life Coach is so incredibly valuable because your Life Coach is your thinking partner, keeping only your interests in mind.

Your circle of friends and relatives can give you a lot of support, which quite often goes with a piece of advice. The only drawback that advice is based on another person’s experience and sometimes they ‘know’ what is best for you, making your decision and leading you according to their ideas, not what’s best for your life or to fulfil your desires.

In coaching we build a solid base with each client – talking about values, talents, skills and passions. Quite often it takes time to find your integral values, and explore the true nature of your passions – it is a path of personal discovery and philosophical approach to your life. In this journey sometimes the revelations are so surprising and drastic, that you may feel that a load has been taken off your shoulders and you have found the extra strength you need to achieve whatever you desire.

In my practice I have worked with so many interesting women, who turned their lives around in the most incredible ways. Coaching is confidential and non-judgemental and my clients know whatever they do, I am on their side. That is the basis of our coaching relationship.


  • Confidence building or boosting: It is an evidence-based and factual method, which requires 3 sessions minimum with guaranteed changes in your confidence and self-esteem. 

  •  Stress Management: If you’re overwhelmed with daily stresses or unusual circumstances, you can lose your passion and sense enjoyment. It does not matter what life throws at you, there is a way to create a coping strategy and move forward. After all it is your life and your stress as well – you can conquer anything! 

  •  Improving your personal or business life: if you have a particular goal, whether personal or professional, we can create a unique strategy to help you achieve it.


I’ve heard quite a few stories starting with the words “I don’t lead my life”, “It is not what I want for me” – just taking the first step in booking a coaching session can be incredibly empowering for women who feel overwhelmed or lost. It’s the first of many small but significant steps in each coaching journey, and I’m incredibly proud of the women I’ve worked with and what they’ve achieved.

An action plan is vital part of coaching process. Each session is concluded with a personal action plan, which summarises what has been discussed, with a schedule of actions and possible support if required.

The beauty of the coaching is that no task is too big, or too small, if it is important to you and requires attention, then we’ll work on it.

Take a look at the testimonials on this site to get an idea of what women have accomplished with coaching. These women were happy to share their stories and there are many more who preferred to move forwards without adding their piece – every coaching session is absolutely confidential and I will never disclose what is discussed without prior consent.

My clients turned their lives around –  getting new degrees, changing careers, moving geographically, starting new businesses and (even more importantly) feeling confident and enjoying their lives once again.