” The Coaching Circle has been very valuable and feels transformative. The values lies in the power of hearing about the journeys of others and being able to collaborate” – Jane, Marketing Manager. 

“I feel clearer and more focused on my journey. Learning new coping strategies.” – Vicky, business owner.


Quite a few people would like to have some coaching for a variety of reasons.

I want to bring together a group of people who want to help one another in building more confidence and courage to create a life they dream about, take risks and embark on the exciting life route.

We’ll work in a small group about four people in the perfect, safe and secure environment to explore ways forward and to start taking actions.

We’ll meet three evenings for two hours – every fortnight, leaving time for you to complete your actions.

The big difference is that you’ll be part of a group of four like-minded people and be accountable to that group.

The benefits:

  • Making desirable changes in your life.
  • Progressing on your goals with the peer support of this group.
  • Learning how to overcome challenges and believing in yourself.
  • Using the coaching methods during these three sessions and mastering it. You will able to apply coaching tools in the future when required.


“Thank you for getting me out and helping me become myself again.” – Natasha, business owner.

“I have considred my use of time in a more positive and productive way. Aspects such as communication, self-management and achievable goals – have become more possible, improving my thought process.” – Sara, teacher. 


The dates for Coaching Circle meetings 14 of November, 28 of November and 12 of December.

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm.

Location: Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

Price: £ 150.00

A deposit of £ 25.00  should be paid to secure the place.

To book your place call Marina: 07957 245635 or send a message: info@kogancoaching.com