How would you like to fast track 2018 to becoming your best year ever?

Marina Kogan, International Business and Life Coach, co-author of the industry recognised Salutogenic Coaching Model and owner of Kogan Coaching has put together a specific Fast Track Coaching Programme dedicated to helping you boost your confidence and achieve your New Year’s resolutions with ease.

This six weeks programme will help you enjoy the benefits that 2018 has to offer!

We (we being Marina and yourself) will work together to help you transform the way you view your life: installing new empowering habits, achieving goals and enjoying your personal successes with a new positive outlook on life.

What will you get out of it?

Confidence and self-belief as the basis for all achievements. 

Put simply, you’ll achieve inner confidence, which in turn will positively affect all areas of your life.

Think about it – What could you do if you were more confident? Whatever it is, however crazy it may seem right now – this Fast Track Coaching Programme will help you achieve it!

Developing a mindset of a winner. 

When Usain Bolt won his world titles – did he start those races thinking he may lose? No he didn’t! Working with his coach, Glen Mills, he developed a winning mindset that combined with his athletic skill made him a multi world record holder.

Working with Marina, you will learn, develop and install new winning habits. You will learn to create solutions to challenges, and enjoy the journey, overcoming any barriers standing in your way.

Managing your life according to your priorities. 

Many of us are unhappy at work or unhappy with our relationships because of conflicting values. Knowing what your values are, especially your priority values, can transform how you view your job and your relationships.

By the end of the six weeks programme you will understand how working with your values creates everyday happiness and transforms your relationships.

New level of thinking.

Q. How do you eat your elephant?     A. One bite at a time.

This transformational  programme will show you how to eat your elephant bite by bite – in another words, achieving your goals without being overwhelmed, stressed or disencouraged.

Working towards your main goals through setting smaller daily goals, you’ll learn how to sharpen your focus and generate energy, leading to implementing all the desirable changes in your life. Encouraged by your achievements you will learn how to master new skills and discover more of your talents.


You will change your communication on all levels, which will improve your personal and workplace relationships. You will learn how to let go of the relationships in your inner circle that steal your joy.

Creativity and motivation. 

You will develop your own style to keep it going and will know how to motivate yourself with all ups and downs.

In just six weeks you will become the best version of yourself.

During six weeks we’ll work closely together committed to your success, with weekly coaching sessions – either face-to-face or via Skype or phone. You’ll receive regular feedback, support, encouragement, and we’ll resolve any issues as we go.


The FAST TRACK Coaching Programme includes: 

Six dedicated 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Marina;

Guided workbook to help you track your progress;

Unlimited e-mail support  throughout the coaching period;

Telephone support throughout the programme. *


Over just six weeks you will transform how you look .at your life and be right on track to make not just 2018 but every year the best it can be.


To reserve your place, get in touch with Marina either via email:, phone 07957 245635 or send her a message through Facebook 


*subject to fair usage