Most of us like summer and we all want to be in our best shape for this season – for our holidays, for summer activities or just for the pleasure of it.

Summer is the best time to be beautiful and in your best shape!

In my coaching practice with my clients we address the issues of looking better and having a better figure.

I intentionally avoid the phrase “losing weight” – instead your subconscious mind is focusing on gaining something – gaining a better figure, being more energetic, becoming more active.

In this day and age my clients can cover the nutrition and physical exercises issues by themselves, we can adjust it together and put an action plan.

I don’t cover any issues about diets and have never been on any of them myself. What is important for me is the energy of the person. Obviously we consider food as the source of energy, unless it becomes a substitute for missing other sources of energy.

In our personal life we use mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

Try to remember special celebrations in your life:

– have you eaten a lot?

– have you eaten at all?

Positive emotions help to shed unwanted weight.

Remember moments in your life when you were so excited about a project or an event you forgot even to eat, because you had so much positive energy.

When we live in harmony with our lives, full of excitement, positive events, celebrations and creative flow we don’t need excessive energy from food – we don’t overcompensate. Quite the opposite happens when we are stuck, feeling stressed or unfulfilled with our life, then we want extra enjoyment from food.

There are different spheres of life which might require extra attention:

  • Denial of your authentic nature in favour of your spouse, relative, friend.

  • Doing jobs we don’t like.

  • We don’t realise our potential.

  • We keep the grudges from the past.

  • We are staying in the comfort zone far too long without any challenges.

  • Being afraid and anxious of life.

  • Fear. From psychological point of view this emotion can lead to excessive weight – women trying to suppress it with food, but if fear is not addressed properly and sorted out , it stays.

The most important stage here is to identify what is happening in your life, be aware of it and start bringing necessary changes, and consequently to replace energy from food by energy from different sources.

Our human essence requires exciting feelings which give us emotional energy.

Be creative about your own life – make a list what gives you pleasure, positive emotions, happiness. Think about your physical body – sport, dancing, massages…. Make your body happy; let it feel the joy and the beauty of movement.

Do something pleasant just for yourself for 21 days – every day – it could a short moment but just for you and it is connected with supplying yourself with that vital emotional energy every day!

When we live in harmony with our nature, with our body we are not fixated on food; we automatically stop eating unhealthy, even our taste can change.

Remember the situation when you had an energetic uplift – you won’t eat any heavy food, your body would choose something lighter according to your emotions. And I am sure the last thing on your mind was your figure, you felt fantastic and happy just being the way you were.

The purpose of this essay is to remind that your emotional life, your happiness can be created purely by you, independently on any circumstances.

Start with something small – you can always go for a walk, if raining with umbrella and choose what to think. Coming back home refreshed is a good start for planning more positive steps to generate the flow of that feeding energy. .

A truly beautiful woman is a woman with un attractive energy. Focus on creating the beautiful state of your mind and notice the difference, the rest will follow.

Extra support – there is an abundance of food at any moment any time but for now you prefer different energy – energy from the beautiful life.