This blog is about You during the festive season – how you prefer to feel, how to avoid  stress and stay comfortable.

Some of us love Christmas, some feel the tremendous pressure, some might even dread it. The best thing is to consider the effective strategy for those few days.

Strategy I:

Five Things to Do if You are Dreading Christmas.

If you are one of those people, who is getting depressed or even angry because of excessive commercialisation of Christmas with the emphasis on gifts and happy social activities. If you are not into the spending euphoria and social gathering with some of your family members is your idea of hell, then pressure is already building.

It could be quite opposite as well, if you happen to feel lonely, when the whole world seems to be celebrating.

To change your outlook, to make certain mental shifts to help yourself feeling better through the festive season you can take the following steps for your strategy:

  1.  You can define your personal perception of Christmas, not going into frenzy of the perfect representation of the festivities by media. You might take it as the time to recharge your   batteries, taking long walks, reading those books you never had time for.
  2.  Setting boundaries for spending money on gifts and time on social events will give you a sense of control and participation on your own terms.
  3.  Give yourself a present – a journal, a notebook or a Christmas card, where you put all the things you are grateful for in your life right now. You can add as you go – make it a fun game for   yourself.
  4.  Remember the power of laughter. Find the way, see the funny side, and laugh with friends, family, or your pets. Watch something funny. Laughing causes a release of so-called   endorphins, which creates the sense of happiness.
  5.  If you are religious, you can focus on the bigger meaning of Christmas and take part in the church activities. If not religious, just helping somebody will take your mind off your own     problems and makes you feel good.

It is a season, which lasts for a few days, and then we are back to normal. Find the way to enjoy it!

Strategy II:

Ruling the Festive Season Gracefully.

If You like your celebrations, though you feel the pressure, and don’t want to be stressed.

To keep the joyful spirit, to organise the merry flow and enjoy the whole distance of all those celebrations we might want to implement a graceful, easy and efficient strategy – only of three steps:

  1. When you are doing your best, don’t try to make it perfect if it takes too much time. Remember – everything is good Enough for celebration with your smile! Actually your happy mood is more important.
  2.  If in the list of your tasks/jobs there are ones, not your favourite, then add the element of your own fun. Being in the happy mood makes any job easier.
    E.g., switch on your favourite music and enjoy it – you can shift your focus from the unpleasant task. Get little treats and reward yourself – yes, that old trick – grapes are so innocent compare to sweets and helpful.
  3. Let’s reduce the amount of chores by one-minute rule.
    Whichever task takes one minute only, do it straight away, immediately. It will not take much of your attention, reduce the amount of overall work and keep you in the pleasant flow.
    E.g., open and place the received Christmas cards, hang the outfits straight away in the wardrobe, pick up phone messages etc.

Three effortless strokes from you and you can rule your festive season with ease and grace.

Strategy III:

“I love Christmas!”

  • I am sure you have your own strategy to make it magical.
  • Bring variety and freshness.
  • Make it surprising!


Let me know about your strategy.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Have it the way you like and enjoy yourself!