Business Club for Implementing Ideas.

18th Mar 2019 Comments Off on Business Club for Implementing Ideas.

That was the first meeting with two students, quite possible future Business Moguls from Bangor University. The timing was perfect – spring, everything was flourishing, new ideas inclusive. Young, ambitious, enthusiastic students, Mike and Jason (not real names) wanted to play […]

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Hero’s Journey with Coaching

10th Jan 2019 Comments Off on Hero’s Journey with Coaching

How to get a different perspective to a coaching process, using emotional wealth and wisdom from fairy tales. Reading fairy tales, we sometimes get astonished at the change in a protagonist when one becomes a hero. He has to combat […]

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Acting NOW with your Coach as a Thinking Partner.

2nd Jan 2018 Comments Off on Acting NOW with your Coach as a Thinking Partner.

Why is now the time to take actions? You have just finished the festive season and beaming with happy memories and intentions to implement your New Year’s Resolutions. You see why now is the best time to take actions. Who […]

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It’s All About You!

14th Jun 2016 Comments Off on It’s All About You!

Kogan Coaching opened the summer with the event “It’s All About You”, which took place in the picturesque surroundings of Caer Rhun Hall, Conwy. We need to be in a special state of mind to ask ourselves  philosophical questions about […]

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