Hero’s Journey with Coaching

10th Jan 2019 Comments Off on Hero’s Journey with Coaching

How to get a different perspective to a coaching process, using emotional wealth and wisdom from fairy tales. Reading fairy tales, we sometimes get astonished at the change in a protagonist when one becomes a hero. He has to combat […]

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Your Sacred Truth – Your Values

10th Apr 2018 Comments Off on Your Sacred Truth – Your Values

Yesterday at the workshop I was talking about values. Three of us – Teresa Carnall, Hector Riva-Palacio and me – tackled the issue of procrastination.  Yes, that was a fabulous challenge! Professionally I always address the issue of values with my […]

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Use your powers to tame stress!

22nd Nov 2017 Comments Off on Use your powers to tame stress!

If a stress was a beast, what would you do? Tame it, run away or poison it? The search for stress managing ways and cures is ongoing.  One thing is for certain, “the run away” version does not work, it […]

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The Courage to Think and to Act.

28th Nov 2016 Comments Off on The Courage to Think and to Act.

      A while ago, I had a conversation with Father Deiniol, The Very Reverend Archimandrite, Wales Orthodox Mission, an incredible character and courageous person. The discussion was moving in the philosophical realms, covering different countries with amazing cultures, beliefs […]

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It’s All About You!

14th Jun 2016 Comments Off on It’s All About You!

Kogan Coaching opened the summer with the event “It’s All About You”, which took place in the picturesque surroundings of Caer Rhun Hall, Conwy. We need to be in a special state of mind to ask ourselves  philosophical questions about […]

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The Coaching Advent Calendar

21st Dec 2015 Comments Off on The Coaching Advent Calendar

Advent is a term from the Latin word ‘adventus’ which means “arrival” As that chocolate Advent Calendar is awaiting for the first opening prior to Christmas celebration We are starting The Coaching Advent Calendar,filled with surprises, coaching tools, empowering questions, […]

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