Oh Those Russians…

10th Dec 2016 Comments Off on Oh Those Russians…

When I received a request from the WCNW Chamber of Commerce to give a talk at the International Trade Forum, I was delighted – the suggested topic was about Russia, culture, traditions. Obviously my talk was from a coaching point of view! […]

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Discipline versus Motivation

2nd Feb 2016 Comments Off on Discipline versus Motivation

The common nominator for discipline and motivation is moving towards a particular action. Motivation is the tool that inspires you, helps you to create a bigger picture – to write a book, to develop a business, to win competitions… to […]

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The Coaching Advent Calendar

21st Dec 2015 Comments Off on The Coaching Advent Calendar

Day 1 of the Coaching Advent Calendar. Think about yourself as an observer and note 5 qualities which you are proud of – personality traits, strengths of your character or just unique talents (it can be anything from good organisational […]

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