Acting NOW with your Coach as a Thinking Partner.

2nd Jan 2018 Comments Off on Acting NOW with your Coach as a Thinking Partner.

Why is now the time to take actions? You have just finished the festive season and beaming with happy memories and intentions to implement your New Year’s Resolutions. You see why now is the best time to take actions. Who […]

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Oh Those Russians…

10th Dec 2016 Comments Off on Oh Those Russians…

When I received a request from the WCNW Chamber of Commerce to give a talk at the International Trade Forum, I was delighted – the suggested topic was about Russia, culture, traditions. Obviously my talk was from a coaching point of view! […]

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Discipline versus Motivation

2nd Feb 2016 Comments Off on Discipline versus Motivation

The common nominator for discipline and motivation is moving towards a particular action. Motivation is the tool that inspires you, helps you to create a bigger picture – to write a book, to develop a business, to win competitions… to […]

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The Coaching Advent Calendar

21st Dec 2015 Comments Off on The Coaching Advent Calendar

Day 1 of the Coaching Advent Calendar. Think about yourself as an observer and note 5 qualities which you are proud of – personality traits, strengths of your character or just unique talents (it can be anything from good organisational […]

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