Day 16 of the Coaching Advent Calendar.

A year from now you may wish you have started today.

What would that be?
What stops you?
If you write it down and share the idea with somebody you have more chances to continue.
Support your idea with a vision board

How to create a vision board:
1. Reflect on your idea and formulate it in a few goals.
2. What activities should you do to move towards those goals.
3. Now start putting those answers on your vision board. You can decide on the format of your board – poster board, a big list of paper A1 format, electronic version, whatever you prefer.
4. Collect inspirational images, photos, phrases to sharpen your idea, your vision – place them on the boards.
5. Place your board where you can see it regularly, to add to it, to adjust and reflect.
6. If you see it in front of your eyes, you will keep the idea alive (depends on you)
7. Start developing action plan

Day 17 of the Coaching Advent Calendar.

While you are busy with your Christmas shopping, don’t forget something for yourself….

what you need






Now for achieving it – develop your strategy and go ahead with action plan.