Day 11 of the Coaching Advent Calendar.

Visualise yourself doing, not achieving.

People who visualise themselves taking practical steps needed to achieve their goals are far more likely to succeed than those who simply fantasize about their dreams becoming a reality.

During visualisation process think what steps are enjoyable? Who would like to involve?

Another effective technique involves adopting a third-person perspective: those who visualise themselves as others see them are about 20 per cent more successful than those adopting a first-person view








Day 12 of the Coaching Advent Calendar.

Somebody is far away for this Christmas….so many ways to show you love them.

Day 13 of the Coaching Advent Calendar.

Finding treasures at this festive season is always a joy.
Discovering talents around you, among your friends and family and introducing them is all part of this wonderful celebration.

I would like to introduce an amazing Antonia Munro – a Russian music teacher and a concert violinist player living in Llandudno