A while ago, I had a conversation with Father Deiniol, The Very Reverend Archimandrite, Wales Orthodox Mission, an incredible character and courageous person. The discussion was moving in the philosophical realms, covering different countries with amazing cultures, beliefs and histories. He asked me why I chose Life Coaching as a profession and how it worked.

After my explanation, he smiled and said it was quite similar to what he does. That was more than a surprising reply!

I never thought about this parallel.  What my friend pointed out is that the main purpose of life coaching is the same, as in his mission. This, we agreed, is to support people, to enhance them and help them to find the meaningful way of life.

We both deal with people and their faith. It is entirely up to the individuals if they have any religious beliefs and what is vital is to have faith in themselves. We discussed quite a few issues, how to help people to resolve their challenges in difficult times, how to help them to find the meaningful way of life, how to be strong and support others. Coaching became more popular in UK during the last 10 years, with substantial evidence being gained from positive experiences of professional coaching.

How it differs is that Life Coaching does not provide a ready-made guidance, rather helps to find it. This is according to the individual’s values, choosing the person’s map of the world and uncovering the passion to be able to appreciate life as an incredible gift.

People, who come to coaching, want changes – quite desperately sometimes! Not necessarily because of a particular situation as it could simply be that they perceive  “I have a stale dull existence” or  “I don’t lead my life”, which are my client’s astonishing description of why they sought coaching. They feel they do not use their full potential, they have settled for something, which is convenient, but boring, but they do not have courage to move yet.

A professional Coach is a thinking partner,  never an agony aunt – I can listen with empathy and with the purpose that at the end of the session the action plan will be formed and “cast in stone”.

The first thing addressed in coaching is self-belief. It is the basis for confidence, actions, well-being, and happiness. At any given place and in any given time you have certain control.

What I love is that there are so many different approaches in coaching and there are beneficial for everybody – mothers, business owners, spouses, entrepreneurs… we are all coaches in one time or another.

It is very satisfying to see how my clients flourish after a few sessions – confidence boost, career and lifestyle changed, dreams  fulfilled (sending me photos with their new homes), communication at work improved, new businesses started… the list is endless.

My view of life coaching that it is a remarkable way to empower yourself and support people around you. And like Father Deiniol said if you want this kind of a mission in life, take it professionally.

I developed a fully accredited programme after a request from one of my business colleagues – my colleague was happy to attend different coaching workshops, but it is the case there is always so much more in coaching. This programme can give attendees a whole frame of coaching with competencies, skills, modules for you to apply it in any sphere of your life.  This is suitable for anyone wanting to develop coaching competencies, become a coach or even if you are in a managerial position with a desire to use coaching leadership style with staff.