Have you ever noticed how you feel after people thanked you? I am talking about the power of that simple word in the feedback.

I was sorting the coaching materials today – handouts for the courses, preparing new coaching agreements, etc, and came across the feedback forms from my coaching course in Russia, Novosibirsk. That particular course was tailor-made for the personnel of the company BASS – designing, producing and selling the wallpaper through five retail shops in that city.

During that coaching course we covered quite a few topics relevant to the everyday life and working environment, coaching techniques and methods.

My attention was drawn to those papers because the most feedback responses started with “Thank you!”  Спасибо – to be precise. The way they replied with the numerous exclamation marks showed some emotions and burst with gratitude – I could feel the buzz.  Obviously I read the forms straight after the course a few years ago to analyse how it was going and then put them safely away.  Now I  was wondering what was useful for each of the delegates on that course, which lasted a few days and tried to find the reason for those happy exclamation marks.

In their feedback  the participants described why and how they will use different techniques in their lives and implement changes. They thanked me personally for communication and coaching methods they would use now for themselves, with work colleagues and  family, as if they were precious gifts.

As one person went on saying: “I am going to overcome my fears now and feel free.”

Another delegate said: “I learnt how to manage stress and improve my self-esteem”.

This reply was interesting :“I am going to control my thoughts…”


Reading those answers took me back to Novosibirsk and I think we all felt empowered enriching each others lives by changing outlook on  life and being grateful. I really appreciate the experience and the time coaching these wonderful people and their feedback is definitely invaluable for me. Their cordial “thank you” in the written form after all this time was another fabulous reminder about coaching benefits and highlights.

The power  of thank you is never worn out. I believe in coaching and enjoy what I do, and receiving the feedback like that encourages and inspires me to overcome my own challenges. Thank you!

More about this course from Sergei Bastrakov, the company’s director