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Personal CoachingReach Your Full Potential

If you want more out of your life, Kogan Coaching can help. Whether you want to improve your confidence, find your passion, overcome self-doubt, or just feel more in control, we can give you the tools you need to unlock your full potential and feel more fulfilled.

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Corporate CoachingTake Your Business Further

Improve productivity, staff morale, and organisational strength with coaching workshops and 1-to-1 sessions. Kogan Coaching has worked with organisations across the UK, France, and Russia to help businesses grow in size and strength.

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NLPRewire Your Brain

Change your internal programming to remove limiting self beliefs and change negative behaviours by eliminating their origins. NLP works at a deep, subconscious level to let you move beyond previous trauma or influence to create powerful and lasting results.

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  • Marina has been coaching me for several months in my quest to lose weight and be healthy. We have weekly coaching sessions to discuss my progress. She is always bright, cheerful and listens carefully. I really feel she shows an interest in me as a person, and genuinely does want to help and see me succeed. She has a very positive approach and often makes me look and think about things from a different perspective. Marina has also encouraged me to get back into a sensible exercise routine, which fits in and around my family life – and I am pleased to say I am now feeling the benefits! I feel our weekly sessions have made an impact on my daily thought process regarding over eating. More importantly for me, the whole coaching process has made me look at myself as a mum / wife / friend and makes me feel positive about myself and my achievements. Marina makes a great coach - I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions.

    Alison Hodson - Daily Telegraph, Manchester

  • Coaching with Marina enabled me to accelerate the resolution of some difficult issues at work; stretching and supporting me to consider perspectives and take actions that I might not normally have taken. Marina's energy is infectious, motivating and encouraging and I have already seen the benefits in my leadership skills and the quality of my working life.

    Gill T - Senior Manager, Sheffield

  • I engaged with Marina before just opening my business to help me with the launch activities. She was energetic and genuinely interested in the success of making sure the start of the business was in a way that I could continue to grow and develop it. Without me knowing she steered me into exploring my own values and my business ethos and has helped me to continue on a pathway which I feel very at ease with now. This might mean it takes me longer to build it, but I am doing it with my own self beliefs in mind. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together and found her knowledgeable, empowering and motivating.

    Sharon S - Director, Chester

  • We hired Marina to present a mini workshop at a North Wales Women’s Network event and she was just brilliant. She energised the whole room and brought a mass of enthusiasm to the whole event. The feedback we gained from our delegates was excellent. In just 20 minutes Marina gave simple yet effective suggestions and solutions to start to be able to think more positively and become more confident. I would certainly hire her again.

    Teresa C - Marketer, N Wales

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