Coaching Services

What is Life Coaching?

The idea of life coaching originated from sport coaching. It seems quite straightforward in sport – you aim to perform at your best to achieve the best possible results – run faster, jump higher, win the game. Your coach helps you with your training – to develop your natural talents, to improve your skills, to increase your stamina, to exercise your willpower to overcome your losses and be ready for new achievements. The end goal is Victory! Or to show your personal best, but never just participation.

Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another – Myles Downey

Life is multi-dimensional, sophisticated, complex, full of surprises… and that’s the beauty of it.

Why would you use a Life Coach?

A coach is your Thinking Partner, who does not give advice, teach or direct you. It is your map of the world – we are all different with our values and believes – you coach does not judge you. You know what is best for you.

A life coach helps you to find your own direction in life to achieve what you want. With a coach as your Thinking Partner you can resolve your limiting self-beliefs, you will be able to get rid of unnecessary baggage and create the life to be your best and have that satisfaction and joy, not just letting that life happen to you.

Life Coach support you on the life journey for you to crystallise your identity, to improve your confidence, to know that you are capable for a change if needed and you can achieve the desired outcomes.

Coaching is a process which consists of a few consecutive sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis (agreed with a client). Each session is concluded with an action plan, developed during the session, for a client to progress towards those goals – be it the performance goals or identified changes and new ventures.

Coaching helps you to check your outlook on life. Does your current thinking help you? Is your inner voice encouraging you, or crashing your self-esteem?

My philosophy is if you want to change anything – address the issue – aware of what’s going on.

It is the first step and move from there…

Call your Thinking Partner – a life coach.