Publication about Salutogenic Coaching Model

Salutogenisis and Coaching: testing a proof of concept in order to develop a model for Coaching Practitioners

Oxford Brooks
August 1, 2014
International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, Vol 12, No 2 pp. 41 – 58

This paper presents findings from a proof of concept pilot study that explored the usefulness of a new Salutogenic model in coaching practice. The model aligns with the positive mindset inculcated in coaching, health, and well-being initiatives, and was developed and tested by three coaches who work in executive coaching, eco-coaching and life coaching: Dee Gray, Ambra Burls and Marina Kogan.


This document is being sent to all Welsh Assembly Ministers as well as some other key personnel. The important messages are that coaching has a high Return on Investment value for the government and the nation, with a number of exemplary case studies highlighted, as well as supportive research from members of the Coaching Network.

It is the first Coaching Network’s “Influence paper” and available for reading in the following link:

Coaching Network Position Paper PDF

This paper is intended to  raise awareness of the benefits of Coaching in all areas of life, to help generate understanding of the nature and processes of coaching, which may play a crucial role in the lives of Welsh citizens and working population.